Safety Check

Safety Check is the new feature offered by Earthquake Network which replaces emergency e-mails and SMS. Thanks to Safety Check, after a strong earthquake you will be able to see on map the current location and the status of the people you care most, and they will have the same information about you. This means that if you are missing after an earthquake, someone will know where to find you.

To start, follow this steps:

  • Log-in to Safety Check
  • Invite people to be included in your personal list
  • Update your status (“I’m fine” or “I need help”) whenever an earthquake affects your area

Note that:

  • When you press the “Add new persons” button, a web link is automatically created. Share this link with family and friends using WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, e-mail or any other sharing tool available on your device.
  • The person invited must have the Earthquake Network app installed and must click the shared link.
  • When you add a person to your list, you are also added to the person’s list.
  • The location in space and the status of a person are visible only after a strong earthquake and only if the location is within the area affected by the earthquake.
  • The radius of the affected area depends on magnitude:
-   20 km for 4.0≤M<4.5
-   30 km for 4.5≤M<5.0
-   50 km for 5.0≤M<5.5
-  100 km for 5.5≤M<6.0
-  150 km for 6.0≤M<6.5
-  300 km for 6.5≤M<7.0
-  500 km for 7.0≤M<7.5
-  850 km for 7.5≤M<8.0
- 1500 km for 8.0≤M<8.5
- 2000 km for M≥8.5
  • For each person, the app shows the latest available location. If the person updates the status, the location is also updated.
  • You can always remove a person from your list. Automatically, you will be removed from the person’s list.
  • You can update your status at any time but it will be visible to others only after a strong earthquake and for 24 hours. Don’t use Safety Check for emergencies which are not related to earthquakes.
  • Currently, Safety Check is only supported on Android smartphone.