Chatroom rules

The chatroom provided by the application is intended to share information during earthquake-related emergencies. The chatroom can be used to comment on other topics only if an emergency is not in progress.
Private messages must be used for personal threads. The chatroom is forbidden for users under 15 years. Moreover it is forbidden to:

  • Share personal information in the chatroom (like telephone numbers, addresses, etc.)
  • Advertise commercial products or web sites not related to the earthquake topic or emergency
  • Publish earthquake forecasts not supported by scientific data
  • Spread panic among users with untrue information or without scientific basis
  • Create false user profiles
  • Create multiple profiles
  • Use private message to annoy other users
  • Write in a language different from the language of the chatroom

During an earthquake emergency it is advisable not to send unnecessary messages or questions which can be answered by referring to the earthquakes list and the map.

Chat moderators are responsible for verifying that the above rules are observed. Users who do not obey the rules or who insult other users will be blocked. The user who believes to have been unfairly blocked may send a complaint at

The administrator of the app reserves the right to block user accounts (and moderators) at his discretion and to suspend the chat service at any time if not properly used.

By subscribing to the chat, the user agrees that her/his e-mail address can be used for communications relating to the application and the research project.